“This totally changed my way of thinking both professionally and personally. It allowed me to collaborate in a way never possible and totally understand what EfS is.”

Laura Lane
Dows Lane Elementary School

CELF Summer Institute 2016 Agenda: Education for Sustainability for K-12 educators

DAY 1:

  • Driving Question: How can we define Sustainability?
  • Activities: Community-building, Defining Sustainability, Overview of Curriculum Project options and student EfS learning outcomes.

DAY 2:

  • Driving Question: How can Education for Sustainability enhance my students' learning experience and better prepare them for the future?
  • Activities by grade-level strands: systems thinking, place-based curriculum design - learn EfS questing!, product life-cycle, inquiry-based learning using Place & Community. Case studies and exploration of CELF Curriculum Library and online Toolkit.

DAY 3:

  • Driving Question: What resources and support do I need to help me develop my EfS curriculum unit(s)?
  • Activities: Small-group curriculum design work; pedagogy of place, questing activities; Full group Socratic seminar; leading industry expert guest speakers.
  • Cocktail Celebration Event at Reid Castle.

DAY 4:

  • 1-1 curriculum development support and small group work.