Whether you are looking to kickstart a sustainability initiative in your school, expand upon an existing effort, or are inspired to implement the kind of whole-school change seen in National Green Ribbon Award-winning districts, CELF can customize a program to meet you where you are. From ½ day workshops to multi-year engagements, we have experience meeting a wide range of goals and expectations for teachers and school districts. 

CELF’s integrated approach transforms learning into an authentic exploration of real-world problems, centered in and around the school community. Using a proven framework strategically developed to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards and current K-12 best practices, CELF provides educators with project-and place-based learning strategies and curricular access points for Education for Sustainability (EfS). Using the Big Ideas of Sustainability, we help connect concepts like systems thinking, interdependence, diversity, equity and long-term effects to existing curriculum.

Tier I: Designed as an Introduction to EfS Components 

Tier II: Designed for taking a Deeper Dive into EfS Components 

Tier III: Designed for implementing Whole School Change with EfS

The concepts of sustainability are universal, but every district and school starts from a different place. Whether you have a handful of knowledgeable teachers or one enthusiastic administrator, CELF will partner with you and your school or district, navigating the steps necessary to ensure today’s students will become tomorrow’s Earth Citizens.